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With over 25 years of experience in doors for industrial and commercial facilities, we plan, manufacture and apply according to the needs of customers in various sectors. Storage, Production, Transportation, Schools and Public Buildings, Apartments and workplaces, Retail Stores, Hospitals and Parking Facilities, Shopping Malls are some of the sectors that we set up and repair their doors in and around Istanbul.
TUNA DOOR SYSTEMS Co. was established in 1999, began its production in the industrial zone of Kayseri / TURKEY. Since its foundation company’s main princeples of following the technological developments and picking up the modern customer needs helps us to improve continuously by adapting the developed technology and focus on customer needs and serve always better products to our customer makes us the reliable manufacturer of door systems in this sector. Changing customer expectations, developing technology and our magnificiancy target encourage us to improve our product range by new creative ideas combined by art. In the way of this progress TUNA brand became a reliable manufacturer in this sector. Since 2003 our company is exporting Approx. % 50-60 of total producting to export markets more than 30 countries all over the World in 4 continents, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia Countries are in the export range of TUNA DOOR SYSTEMS. Also TUNA DOOR SYSTEMS have two group companies, one of manufacturing interior wooden door with brand names TUNART LTD. and second one foreign trade marketing company with brand name NILTUNA LTD. Some of our products; Steel Security Doors, Interior Room Doors, Wooden Doors, Fire Exit Doors, Special Doors, Villa & Building Entrance Doors…
The establishment of BEYATLI DOOR, one of the most established institutions of the sector, was laid in 1982. Since its establishment it has always been committed to bring together Turkey and the world
Our company was established in 1998 in Kayseri Portal Steel Security Door Co., economic cheap series powder coated steel doors, wood-paneled exterior doors of a luxury apartment and started to produce series of steel doors. Our company produce steel security door at the same time are aware of social responsibility. We continue our activities in order to produce steel door is always safer. Therefore, according to the special projects have been manufacturing all steel security doors. Safe, economic, aesthetic concepts do not neglect the order of importance. The most economical steel door instead of producing the most secure but the price direction of the doors to fit your budget. Portal Steel Security Door Co.-date production technology and experienced technical staff so grateful. Portal Steel Security Door Co. has large work space at home and abroad. Our company is constantly renewing itself in order to better serve its customers. Customer is correct, appropriate and healthy to produce solutions to it have a principle investigator and to be selective.
Operating in the automatic door sector for more than 10 years, 3N OTOMATIK KAPI TEKNOLOJILERI A. S. has entered the E-TRADE sector as 3N DIS TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI, which was newly established with its knowledge, experience.